Social media is no longer just “good to have,” it’s an absolute must for all businesses that want to remain competitive. But faced with the requirement to constantly deliver new qualified leads, many small marketing departments have pushed social media to the wayside for traditional demand generation campaigns, emails and events that are a sure-bet, and easy to track, when it comes to filling the sales funnel. Other marketing professionals have been fearful of traipsing into digital territory, perhaps nervous about making a public mistake or breaking the internet (not in a good way), or maybe just suffering from a good old-fashioned fear of the unknown.

If your budget doesn’t have room for dedicated social media staff or outsourcing but you want to get in the game, never fear. The new Avalara Social Media Guide  delivers the information you need to get up and running, with minimal investment of time or money. This handy primer provides an overview of the different types of social media, introduces all of the most popular and relevant platforms for B2B marketers (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), breaks down some of the common (but often mysterious) terms, and walks you through the process of how to start small, and grow from there.

Read the guide, start posting, and see for yourself how simple it can be to expand the power of your brand online.

Who is Avalara?

Famous for our orange branding and the hilarious (but educational) Will’s Whiteboard tax video series that is a favorite on the web and social media, Avalara helps businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with transactional taxes, including VAT, sales and use, excise, communications, and other tax types. We deliver comprehensive, automated, cloud-based solutions that are fast, accurate, and easy to use. Learn more about becoming an Avalara Partner at www.partners.avalara.com.

Thanks to my friends at Avalara for this insightful post. No matter what business you're in, Marketing Matters! And this blog will help you get started and reap the benefits of social media marketing.