Why Marketing Matters

Marketing, in my humble opinion as a marketing professional, is the life blood of a company. Marketing is the communications vehicle that allows companies to be seen and heard. Marketing is how companies are found on the Internet. Marketing prepares the turf for a company's sales team to step in and close business. Ideally, every employee in a company plays a part in marketing. For example, if your company is marketing a physical product and you're a worker on an assembly line, doing your job well means that your company is producing a superior product. Or if your company is marketing field services and you're a technician in the field, doing your job well enhances the reputation of your company. Every action, from the way a receptionist answers the phone to your CEO's profile on LinkedIn, is part of marketing. 

The tactics have evolved. Social media platforms have replaced many traditional forms of marketing. Email has replaced mail. Web sites have by and large replaced slick pieces of collateral. And all of these innovations rely more heavily on marketing than ever before.