Top 10 Elements for an Event that Will Stand Out as Unique, Engaging, Colorful, Fun and Successful

Do events have to be fun?
Sure they do.  

Corporate events are often overly PowerPoint heavy. Yawn. Of course, your audience wants great content. They come to hear about new ideas. But if your event is not also fun, you run the risk that your messaging will go in one ear and out the other.

I speak from experience, having organized client events that have been touted as “The best partner events in the Microsoft Dynamics channel.”

So without further ado, here are the top 10 elements for an event that will stand out as unique, engaging, colorful, fun and successful (in no particular order because every element is critical):

1.      Go easy on the PowerPoint presentations to avoid yawns

2.      Start prepping and organizing at least 6 months ahead

3.      Choose an influential and dynamic keynote speaker

4.      Create a unique theme and use it to define your giveaways, your topic titles, … everything

5.      Give your attendees a thumb drive pre-loaded with all of your content

6.      Pick a venue that’s easy to access from several main arteries

7.      Make sure your attendees have plenty to eat, drink and make merry

8.      Celebrate your attendees! Your event is not all about you.

9.      Use a highly detailed checklist so that no detail is forgotten

10.   Follow up with all of your attendees within 2 days of the event

11.   Did I say 10? Here’s a bonus: Think outside of the box!

I’d be happy to elaborate on any of the points above, and will probably do so in several upcoming blog posts. However, if you’d like more information now, please don’t hesitate to contact Marketing Matters. Visit us at Email me directly at Or just pick up a phone and call me at 508-735-3454. 

Make your events matter!

Creative ideas. Thinking outside of the box.